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New X85 Line Control System from FlexLink

Friday, January 11, 2008 by FlexLink

A large part of the technology behind the release of FlexLink’s new X85 platform is based on modular thinking for easy engineering and fast ramp-up. The same principle is the foundation for the new X85 line control system. Increased line efficiency is offered through easy line balancing and a high dynamic buffering capacity, with a low queue pressure, on the conveyor.

Seamless speed adjustments allow gentle product handling, higher product stability and less line disturbances. The use of distributed line control leads to reduced and simplified maintenance, simpler line cabling, and considerably lower power consumption. As an important compliment to everything that the X85 has to offer, even the control system has been built from standardized products.

"The control system has been developed specifically for the X85 pallet system" explains Goran Abbestam, project leader for the X85 development. "With control box, maneuver box and power box as standardized control products, we have created a system where these all act together as bricks in the building of an X85 pallet system, providing unlimited functionality for the future."

Within the line control package, there is also a drag and drop software library with programs for all functions including the logistic system. This way the software engineer's work is simplified, and the quality of each function is assured. The X85 control products are standardized and need no customization. It is how they are implemented that achieves customization.

"Today we offer a control system for fast production start-up with minimized control design that is simple to install. We know that the reduction in engineering and ramp-up time is significant," concludes Goran Abbestam.

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