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Infrared Spectrometers for Packaging Products Analysis

For more than 40 years, ABB Measurement & Analytics has enabled scientists worldwide to achieve excellence in infrared spectroscopy with the company's portfolio of high-performance laboratory and process fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) / fourier transform near-infrared (FT-NIR) analysers.

ABB spectrometers perform real-time analysis of the chemical composition and physical properties of a process sample stream.

ABB's analysers are used in laboratories and industrial processes to analyse multiple chemical components in the final quality control of several common products used daily.

Industrial infrared spectrometers for PET packaging container analysis

The company provides rugged and versatile instruments, offering exceptional performance and ease-of-use in response to increasing customer demand.

Especially for the packaging industry, ABB has developed an industrial FT-NIR solution for fast analysis of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers, such as jars, bottles and preforms.

The FT-NIR solution is intended for R&D centres, quality assurance (QA) / quality control (QC) laboratories and production lines of companies performing a large number of daily measurements of containers' key characteristics.

The MB3600-CH80 instrument enables precise determination of several PET quality attributes such as crystallinity, moisture content, wall thickness and intrinsic viscosity. Analysis is performed within a few seconds, an alternative to slower laboratory methods. No specific sample or instrument preparation is required and the measurements are totally non-destructive.

ABB designs, manufactures and markets reliable spectrometers, as well as turnkey analytical solutions, for multiple markets and industries, including refining, chemicals, packaging, pharmaceutical, semiconductors, academic, metallurgy, space and defence.

The maintenance-free instruments maximise productivity and deliver unbeatable analytical performance at the industry's lowest cost of ownership. ABB also provides custom calibration modelling services and application support addressing QA/QC market needs.

Spectroscopic techniques for laboratories, research institutes and OEMs

ABB's main spectroscopic techniques supported include:

  • FT-IR
  • FT-NIR
  • Spectroradiometry and remote sensing
  • 2D and 3D lasers

The spectrometry solutions specialist company serves the following markets:

  • Research institutes and academics
  • Pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals
  • Fine and specialty chemicals
  • Refining and petrochemicals
  • Semiconductor and flat-panel displays
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
  • Remote sensing (space and defence)

Packaged analysers and advanced process control for the packaging industry

ABB's analytical solutions combine analysers, applications, advanced process control, data management and process knowledge to improve the operational performance and safety of industrial processes.

For all laboratory or process needs, ABB is a single-source provider of high-performance and reliable spectrometers and packaged analysers, including:

  • MB3600-CH80: A PET packaging containers analyser
  • MB3600-CH70: A polyols analyser
  • MB3600-CH40: A solids and agrochemicals analyser
  • MB-Rx: An R&D, in-situ chemical reaction monitor
  • MB3000-CH50: packaged FT-IR spectrometers for flow chemistry, ATR analysis and traditional spectroscopy

About ABB Measurement & Analytics

ABB's manufacturing facility in Quebec City, Canada, employs more than 200 people, including R&D, manufacturing, marketing, sales and administrative groups.

The company is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries, employing approximately 150,000 people.

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Pre-Calibrated PET Packaging Analyzer for Crystallinity Determination in PET Containers 14 June 2017 The MB3600-CH80 enables precise determination of several PET quality attributes such as crystallinity, moisture content, wall thickness or intrinsic viscosity. Analysis is performed within a few seconds, as an alternative to slower laboratory methods.