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A market leader for more than 35 years, the films business of ExxonMobil Chemical is committed to developing new technology solutions that meet emerging market challenges. With unparalleled applications expertise and a broad portfolio, including Bicor™, OPPalyte™, Metallyte™, Label-Lyte™ and Digilyte™ oriented polypropylene (OPP) films, ExxonMobil Chemical is well-positioned to add value to customers across the value chain in the packaging and labelling industry.

High-barrier metalized OPP film

High-barrier, vacuum metalized Metallyte OPP films can be used cost-effectively for aluminum foil replacement, while improving packaging performance for long shelf-life dry foods and beverages. 'Cradle-to-substrate' lifecycle analysis also demonstrates that the production of Metallyte OPP film requires up to 50% less energy and generates less greenhouse gas and solid waste than the production of 7µm foil substrate.

Metallyte films enhance barrier performance, protecting products from moisture, oxygen and light. They improve puncture resistance, protecting the barrier layer from sharp dry products such as coffee beans, noodles, croutons, etc.

Because of their good flexibility, Metallyte films provide improved pack durability, which can reduce barrier loss (flex cracking) in folded bottom or side gussets of stand-up bags and pouches.

Metallyte enhanced seal solutions for flexible packaging

Metallyte UBW-ES OPP film for flexible packaging combines the barrier technologies used for Metallyte films with a new enhanced sealant (-ES) platform. This allows one film to replace the barrier (e.g. aluminum foil) and sealant webs in flat seal packaging, providing opportunities for structure simplification and packaging weight reductions of up to 30%. Metallyte UBW-ES film provides significant seal strength improvements in flat seal formats, such as pouches and sachets, versus traditional metalized OPP alternatives.

By employing a two-layer lamination, as opposed to the typical three-layer structure, Metallyte UBW-ES reduces weight, improves converting process efficiency and reduces raw material costs.

Metallyte UBW-ES also can enhance packaging appearance because its 'inherent memory' helps prevent the 'shop worn' look often associated with foil structures.

Coated OPP flexible packaging films

Our solvent-free, water-based coated OPP flexible packaging films are successfully used in many food and non-food markets. The reasons are clear. Bicor and OPPalyte coated OPP films stand out for their eye-catching graphic capabilities for promotion, consistent surface finishes for performance, and proven product protection. Some of their key features are:

  • High-clarity and gloss acrylic coatings that deliver flavour and aroma barrier (FAB) to keep products smelling and tasting fresh, and provide stable surfaces for efficient converting and packaging operations
  • Clear PVOH coatings that have outstanding gas barrier for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • PVdC coatings that deliver FAB, enhanced oxygen barrier, and humidity-resistant seals
  • High-barrier PVdC coatings that have an excellent balance of oxygen and moisture barrier for outstanding product protection in both MAP and non-MAP applications
  • LTS coatings with broad seal ranges and low seal initiation temperatures that provide outstanding packaging performance for high and variable-speed horizontal form, fill, and seal (HFFS) applications

PSL films for pressure-sensitive and digital printing applications

ExxonMobil Chemical offers state-of-the-art film and technology solutions for label converters and printers in the pressure-sensitive label (PSL) market.

Label-Lyte PSL films provide striking, cost-effective labels for eye-catching branding. Due to proprietary top coat technology, they offer class-leading 'off-the-press' ink adhesion - which reduces off-spec ink adhesion risks and allows impressive press speeds. They also deliver a more dynamic graphic look and better durability, including moisture resistance, compared with traditional paper labels.

Digilyte PSL films for digital printing currently offer clear and white grades specially developed for use with HP Indigo presses.

The reasons are clear. Choose ExxonMobil Chemical Bicor, OPPalyte, Metallyte, Label-Lyte and Digilyte OPP films for your most demanding packaging and labelling challenges.

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