HeatGenie to Introduce Self-Heating Food Packaging

US-based self-heating technology developer HeatGenie has signed an agreement with Crown Holdings to integrate the self-heating technology for the food and beverage packaging.

The new technology heats beverage or food items within their package when activated by consumers by pressing a button at the bottom of the package.

The modular heat source at the base of the package is about the size of a small tea candle and weighs about 1.33oz. The food-safe material within the heater provides high content energy and heat at a controlled rate.

HeatGenie said with the new technology heating times are four to six times faster and the heater itself is eight times more compact than earlier self-heating systems.

The company said there is no need to separate the heating device from the beverage or food can after use and the heating unit components are recyclable before and after activation.