Ampac to market and produce Pull Tab beverage pouch in US

ProAmpac’s division Ampac has announced plans to market and produce the Ampac Pull Tab pouch for alcoholic beverages in the US.

Initially launched for a Swiss juice brand in 2014, the pouch serves as an alternative format to the traditional straw-punch beverage pouch.

The company produces the Pull Tab pouch for Festive Beverage and its WingDing line of Wine Cocktails.

The pouch features a premade straw hole covered by a customised, tear-away Ampac Pull Tab label, which is applied by automatic label dispensers.

ProAmpac marketing director Millie Nuño said: “The Ampac Pull Tab pouch provides a new and unique experience for consumers.

“The Ampac Pull Tab pouch provides a new and unique experience for consumers."

“The new format provides consumer convenience and is a fun, unique way to enjoy a cocktail.”

The pouch features an easy-to-open pull tab and an attached straw, and is now available in a 375ml format for alcoholic beverages. It can also be placed in the freezer.

Ampac produced the pouch at its location in Kirchberg, Switzerland.

The company claimed that the product generates a low volume of waste and is light weight compared to glass alcohol containers.