Braskem supplies new PP resin for use in Tupperware products

Brazilian thermoplastic resins manufacturer Braskem is supplying its new polypropylene (PP) resin, RP 340R, to Dart do Brasil, a manufacturer working for Tupperware Brands.

Part of Braskem’s Maxio line, the RP 340R polymer is said to provide greater fluidity and generate environmental gains.

Braskem application engineer Arinaldo Zanotta said: “The change allowed an increase of over 10% in the production cycle and a reduction in energy consumption that exceeded 7%, significantly increasing the customer's competitiveness without the need for an investment in new injection equipment.”

Maxio resin was used as a raw material in more than 80% of the Dart product line, which is manufactured in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After conducting tests at the Tupperware Technology Center in Belgium, the resin received approval in Brazil and Europe, enabling its use worldwide.

"With this approval, we can market the resin to all Tupperware units worldwide."

Braskem account manager Jefferson Bravo said: “This is a big step. With this approval, we can market the resin to all Tupperware units worldwide.”

The Maxio portfolio includes eco-efficient resins that provide the customers with enhanced productivity, as well as reduce energy usage and the final product weight.

Tupperware Brands has been operating in Brazil for more than 40 years, and has a global presence across 100 countries.

Specialising in manufacturing home products, the company has nearly 3.1 million consultants worldwide.

Image: Dart do Brasil reduces energy consumption in operations by using Braskem’s Maxio resin. Photo: courtesy of Braskem.