Compac and Xact partner to provide fruit sorting and packaging solutions in UK

Global post-harvest solutions provider Compac has entered a new collaboration with Xact to provide integrated fruit sorting and packaging solutions in the UK.

The new solutions are expected to help deliver high-quality and consistently fresh produce to the retail market across the UK.

The partnership will bring together Compac’s Spectrim grading technology and Xact’s solutions and offerings, which include Giro’s fresh produce packaging equipment, to achieve its goal.

Compac CEO Mike Riley said: “Compac and Xact recognise the emerging automation opportunities in the UK repack sector.

“In combination with Xact, our solutions are tried, tested and proven in some of the most advanced packaging lines in the world and we can’t wait to initiate these solutions with Xact in the UK.

“We share similar views on the responsibility of our role in the food production industry and both organisations have a customer-centric focus to deliver world-class integrated solutions and services.”

"Compac and Xact recognise the emerging automation opportunities in the UK repack sector."

In addition, the partnership also seeks to enable customers to create safe, high-quality products with high consumer demand.

With the new partnership, Compac further aims to realise this year’s plan of expanding presence in Europe.

Based in the UK, Xact currently provides specialist packaging and marking equipment for the fresh produce industry.

It also provides complete solutions including net packaging, check weighers and metal detectors, inkjet marking and labelling systems.

Image: A citrus packhouse. Photo: courtesy of Comapc Sorting Equipment.