Deals this week: Refresh Plastics, Valmet

Refresh Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Refresh Plastics, has announced the acquisition of the business of a blow-moulding company named AMPI Plastics.

Refresh Group produces bottled water and accessories, while AMPI Plastics manufactures plastic square and open head containers, bottles, assorted jars, money boxes and accessories.

All the companies involved in the transaction are based in Australia.

BillerudKorsnäs has contracted Valmet to provide dewatering equipment and an automatic pulper feed system for its Gruvön pulp and paper mill.

The order is part of the company’s strategy to introduce a new board machine and rebuild the existing pulp mill at its Gruvön site.

The new Valmet equipment is expected to be installed by 2018, while commissioning is expected by the first quarter of 2019.