Queisser Pharma selects Sanner tubes to pack Doppelherz tablets

Queisser Pharma has selected IML Brilliance tubes developed by Sanner for its ‘Doppelherz’ effervescent tablets.

Tablets packaged in tubes cannot crumble, are protected from light and moisture, and have an extended shelf life.

Queisser Pharma marketing product manager Jürgen Hennings said: “With the Sanner Brilliance tubes, we offer our customers a high-end product in high-quality packaging.

“The printing results increase the readability of the printed information, while providing a high-quality impression and more attention at point-of-sale.”

Based on Queisser Pharma’s requirements, Sanner developed the new 165mm Doppelherz tubes and also developed a new IML-capable tool for tube production.

The IML tubes offer high-quality, photorealistic printing with different surface structures, and can produce up to eight colours and real metallic effects.

Hennings added: “The combination of flexibility, quality and trust, together with the well-known desiccant closures were determining factors for our decision.”

"The printing results increase the readability of the printed information while providing a high-quality impression and more attention at point-of-sale."

The IML technology enhances readability and durability for labels, as well as provides more space for product information.

The packaging also comes with new upgraded features that include a QR code, through which the customers can receive detailed information.

Based in Germany, Sanner develops quality plastic packaging and components for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products.

The company produces two billion plastic parts each year for standard and customised packaging solutions.

Image: Queisser Pharma uses Brilliance tubes and the well-tried desiccant closures from Sanner for Doppelherz effervescent tablets. Photo: courtesy of SANNER.