Tea of a Kind launches new Eco 4-Pack

Ready-to-drink (RTD) brand Tea of a Kind has launched Eco 4-Pack, which comprises one water bottle and three nitrogen pressurised bottle caps that are filled with tea flavourings.

The initiative is expected to help reduce plastic bottle waste and conserve natural resources. 

Called Vessl, the closures allow for the tea to be released into the bottle when twisted. The pressure involved is said to adequately mix the two ingredients.

The closure is designed to retain the tea's natural flavours, colours, and aromas. It also protects the product from ultraviolet (UV) light, oxidation, and other conditions.

Tea of a Kind founder and CEO Walter Apodaca said: “Launching the recyclable Eco 4-Pack is a key milestone on our path to utilising the Vessl closure and delivery device to break the disposable bottle paradigm. 

"After consuming the first bottle, the consumer can re-use the Eco 4-Pack bottle by filling with water and adding a Vessl refill."

“This package aligns our values with retailers and consumers that share our concern for health and the environment.”

After consuming the first bottle, the consumer can re-use the Eco 4-Pack bottle by filling with water and adding a Vessl refill.

Initially, the Tea of a Kind Eco 4-Pack will be available at AJ's Fine Foods, Bashas' Supermarkets, and Fry's Food Stores in Arizona, US.

Distributor Hensley Beverage Company's official Jeff Somers said: “From the leaders in beverage innovation, comes the next big thing, The Tea of a Kind Eco 4-Pack with a reusable bottle. 

“Aside from the environmental benefits, shipping Vessl refills instead of heavy bottles will save space in the warehouse, on trucks, on the shelf, and will improve our overall efficiency.”

Image: Tea of a Kind new packaging. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsfoto/Tea of a Kind.