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28 April 2017
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ProPak China 2017 - Packaging and Processing Expo in Shanghai, 12-14 July

Cremer - Counting Machines and Packaging Lines

Jongerius Hanco - Fully Automated Multipackaging Solutions and Secondary Packaging Machines

Case Packing Systems - End-of-Line Casepacker, Carton Erector and Crate Packer Systems

Ahlstrom-Munksjö - Specialty papers for Flexible Packaging and Labelling

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Press Releases

AIMCAL Marketing Excellence Award 2017 to Uflex for Three-Dimensional Slide to Close Zipper Bag with Side Gusset Handle
The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators (AIMCAL) has given the Marketing Excellence Award 2017 (in food category) to the Three-Dimensional Slide to Close (STC) Zipper Bag with a Side Gusset Handle, manufactured by Uflex Limited for Samaa Basmati Rice.

AIMCAL Marketing Excellence Award 2017 to Uflex for 3D STC Zipper Bag with a Side Gusset Handle
Association of International Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators (AIMCAL) conferred the Marketing Excellence Award 2017 (in food category) to the 3D slide-to-close (STC) zipper bag with a side gusset handle that Uflex manufactured for Samaa Basmati Rice.

Munksjö Merges with Ahlstrom to Form Ahlstrom-Munksjö
As of 1 April 2017, Munksjö Oyj and Ahlstrom Corporation have merged, forming a global leader in sustainable and innovative fibre-based solutions. The name of the combined company has changed to Ahlstrom-Munksjö Oyj (Ahlstrom-Munksjö).

Arjo Solutions to Showcase Solutions at Luxe Pack New York 2017
From 10-11 May, Arjo Solutions is to exhibit its solutions at Luxe Pack New York 2017 in the US.

Essentra Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Design Hub
Essentra is to mark the one-year anniversary of its industry-leading design hub at the Packaging Innovations 2017 event.

White Papers

Plastic, Aluminium and Composite Closures
Established back in 1993, Herti is now one of the leading European manufacturers of roll-on pilfer proof closures, plastic closures and articles, and composite...

From Branding to Protection
This document outlines exactly what the European Commission's revised Tobacco Products Directive means for brand owners....

What Does the EC's New Tobacco Products Directive Mean for Manufacturers?
On April 3 2014, the European Commission published an updated version of the Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/ EU), effectively repealing 2001/37/EC....

Flexible Packaging, Labels, Foil Lids and Price Guns
Our product range includes labels, aluminium and plastic foil lids, flexible packaging and price...

Perfectly Preserved Aromas and Flavours
Although supercritical CO2 technology was already being used in some industrial applications (decaffeination, nicotine extraction from tobacco, etc), it took seven years of...


Will a deposit return scheme boost Britain’s plastic bottle recycling rates?
Plastic bottle recycling rates in the UK are significantly lower than for several of its European neighbours. The UK and Scottish Governments are reportedly considering implementing a plastic bottle deposit return scheme, providing customers with a financial incentive to recycle. Elliot Gardner finds out more.

Women in packaging: the road to a gender-diverse industry
Packaging is traditionally a male-dominated industry, but with initiatives like Women in Packaging, workplaces are becoming more and more diverse.

March's top stories: Beatson Clark designs new glass bottle, BCME merges with Empac
Beatson Clark has designed a glass bottle for South Yorkshire-based condiment brand Henderson’s Relish, and Beverage Can Makers Europe (BCME) has merged its operations with European Metal Packaging (Empac). Packaging-gateway wraps up key headlines from March, 2017.

Article 50: industry experts weigh in on packaging prospects post-Brexit
Article 50 is in the process of being triggered by the UK Government. While no one can be certain what this will mean for business, experts at Pro2Pac last month tried to make sense of how the UK packaging industry will deal with the changing economic and political environment. Elliot Gardner reports.

Inside Packaging – Market Focus Special Issue – April 2017
In this issue: The latest research, insights and analysis from GlobalData, including dosing bottles, dispenser packs and luxury soap


MULTIVAC Production’s Packaging Machinery Parts and Components Facility, Sofia
MULTIVAC Bulgaria Production (MBP) is developing a new parts and components production facility near Sofia, Bulgaria, for MULTIVAC's packaging machines.

Kyocera’s Packaging Facility
Japanese multinational electronics and ceramics manufacturer Kyocera Corporation began construction of a new manufacturing facility at its existing Kyoto Ayabe complex in Ayabe City, Kyoto, in April 2016.

Momentum Recycling Bottle-to-Bottle Glass Recycling Plant, Colorado
Momentum Recycling (Momentum) inaugurated its new bottle-to-bottle glass recycling plant in Denver, Colorado on 22 February.

Uflex Aseptic Packaging Manufacturing Plant, Sanand, Gujarat
India-based packaging company Uflex is building a new aseptic packaging manufacturing plant in the Indian city of Sanand, Gujarat.

Nissei Plastic Machinery’s Injection Moulding Machines Manufacturing Facility
Japanese plastic injection moulding machines manufacturer Nissei Plastic Industrial launched a new subsidiary named Nissei Plastic Machinery America in December 2016, as part of its growth strategy to boost its global production and distribution network.

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