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Lush Easter Eggs Wrapped in NatureFlex Film

Innovia Films’ biodegradable and compostable packaging film NatureFlex™ has been chosen by the ethical handmade cosmetics company Lush to wrap its range of ‘Happy Easter’ gift eggs.

The hollow eggs, available in two varieties (Pink – Candy Fluff Egg and Yellow – Honey Bee Egg) are made from bath ballistic mix and contain two Lush products inside. When the inner products have been used, customers can simply break off pieces of the outer shell and throw them into the bathtub for an indulgent fragrant soak. The gift eggs are wrapped in transparent NatureFlex NE30 film, which has been converted into sheets by Innovation Packaging Solutions.

“Using NatureFlex is yet another way Lush has been able to make its packaging more sustainable while still offering sumptuous gift ideas, including this alternative to the traditional chocolate Easter egg,” said Ruth Andrade, environmental officer at Lush.

NatureFlex was an obvious solution for the packaging as the film begins life as a natural product (wood) and breaks down in a home compost bin (or industrial compost environment) within a matter of weeks. It also offers advantages for packing and converting such as inherent deadfold and anti-static properties, high gloss and transparency, resistance to grease and oil, good barrier to gases and aromas, and a wide heat-seal range.

NatureFlex films are cellulose-based, derived from renewable wood-pulp and certified to meet both the European EN13432 and American ASTM D6400 standards for compostable packaging. The wood-pulp is sourced from managed plantations from referenced suppliers operating good forestry principals (FSC or equivalent). NatureFlex films typically have a renewable biobased content of some 95% by weight of material.

“Lush prides itself on using the minimum amount of packaging possible. Where they do need it, we are delighted that NatureFlex fits their key sustainability requirements – biodegradable, compostable and from readily renewable resources. NatureFlex offers ethical manufacturers such as Lush the ability to align their packaging message with the spirit of their product marketing,” said Andy Sweetman, global marketing manager for sustainable technologies.

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