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Sustainable, Compostable NatureFlex™ Film Selected to Package Nutritional Canadian Products

A Canadian company, Dr Vie, has chosen sustainable and compostable NatureFlex™ from Innovia Films to wrap its entire range of nutritional ‘superfood’ products.

Based in Montréal, Québec, Dr Vie is a family-owned business managed by a mother and daughter team. A family history of ill health inspired their mission to create powerful low-allergenic superfoods that stimulate wellness, enhance a feeling of well-being and prevent illness.

The company’s 100% all-natural products are low-glycemic and high in antioxidants, essential omegas and fatty acids. The product line includes a variety of pure cacao products, antioxidant-rich goji berry and acai berry raw chocolate bars, sports nutrition bars and frozen desserts. Dr Vie has recently partnered with a global team of elite sports, IronMan and Olympic team coaches and their products are now available worldwide online to athletes, in addition to Canadian health food, sports, wellness centres and speciality stores.

Dr Vie individually cuts and shapes the roll of NatureFlex film to wrap each product at their factory.

According to company founder, Dr Vie, NatureFlex is an ideal packaging choice, “Our company’s goal is to promote wellness, optimise individual performance and protect the planet in the process. NatureFlex is fully sustainable and aligns beautifully with our core values.”

The Dr Vie products are wrapped in metallised NatureFlex NM. NatureFlex NM is a unique cellulose-based film, manufactured from renewable wood pulp and metallised in-house. It is the only metallised biodegradable film suitable for home composting because the level of metal is so small – less than 0.02% – which slows the film’s biodegradation by a matter of days but does not interfere with its biodegradability in any other way. Modified coatings ensure excellent metal lay-down and adhesion, providing a very high moisture barrier with a transmission rate of less than 10g/m²/day (38°C, 90% RH). It is this high barrier that keeps the Dr Vie products in premium condition.

NatureFlex films are certified to meet both the American ASTM D6400 and European EN13432 standards for compostable packaging. The wood-pulp is sourced from managed plantations from referenced suppliers operating Good Forestry principals (FSC or equivalent). NatureFlex films typically have a renewable biobased content of some 95% by weight of material.

“NatureFlex is a highly versatile packaging film,” stated Roslyn Smith, Innovia Films’ sales and marketing manager, Americas. “It is non oil-based, offers a technical performance second to none including good moisture barrier, excellent aroma barrier, deadfold and anti-static properties, high gloss and transparency, resistance to grease and oil and a wide heat-seal range. We are pleased to support Dr Vie by providing packaging that aligns with their core values of environmental and social responsibility.”

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