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Metallised NatureFlex Wraps Thorntons Melts

Innovia Films’ metallised, biodegradable material, NatureFlex™ NM, has been selected by British confectionery manufacturer Thorntons to wrap its new Melts brand.

NatureFlex NM is a cellulose-based, biodegradable film, manufactured from renewable wood pulp, metallised in-house and suitable for home composting. This is achieved because the level of metal is so small – less than 0.02% – that it only slows the film’s degradation by a matter of days without interfering with its biodegradability in any other way. Other modified coatings ensure excellent metal lay-down and adhesion providing a very high moisture barrier. It is this high barrier that keeps Thorntons Melts in premium condition.

Mark Aitchison, Thorntons’ packaging development manager, outlined why the confectioner chose NatureFlex in this application: “We opted for metallised NatureFlex NM film to wrap the Melts as it offers a tight twist-wrap for this product, has an attractive metallic finish, protects the amazing flavour and texture of the chocolates and is made from sustainable materials.”

NatureFlex begins life as a natural product – wood. The wood pulp is sourced from managed plantations from referenced suppliers operating Good Forestry principals (FSC or equivalent). NatureFlex films typically have a renewable biobased content of some 95% according to ASTM D6866.

It also offers advantages for packing and converting such as inherent deadfold and anti-static properties, high gloss and shine, resistance to grease and oil, good barrier to gases and aromas, receptive to cold seal adhesive and excellent twist properties. The converter of the NatureFlex film in this application is FFP Packaging Solutions.

Launched earlier this year, Thorntons Melts are melty pralines encased in a smooth Thorntons milk chocolate shell, which are perfect for sharing. They are available to purchase at Thorntons stores, selected supermarkets nationwide and online.

“We are delighted that Thorntons has chosen our metallised NatureFlex NM packaging film to augment their new premium chocolate brand – Melts. NatureFlex NM gives not only superior technical performance such as good machinability, but also has on-shelf appeal to consumers, as well as offering environmental benefits such as compostability,” said Paul McKeown, Innovia Films’ UK sales manager.

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