Köra-Packmat Wrapping and Feeding Systems

KÖRA-PACKMAT manufactures wrapping, feeding and personalisation systems. In Singapore, Kora-Packmat Asia, a fully-owned subsidiary of KÖRA-PACKMAT Maschinenbau, was established in 2001 and is dedicated to providing efficient sales and support services to customers in the Asia Pacific region.

Card wrapping machines

Our CardSeal 2 card wrapping machines allow customers to pack CR80 format cards and leaflets of the same format, such as prepaid phone cards, internet cards, loyalty cards and SIM cards.

The high-speed CardSeal 2 card wrapping machine’s state-of-the-art ultrasonic sealing technology enables intricate patterns to be created on the seals. These patterns, which can be generic or customised, provide maximum protection against fraud and can be used to add a helpful marketing feature to the package created.

SonicSeal is an economical, new-generation machine for the wrapping of cards and leaflets in the CR80 format. It features a compact machine design, distinctive ultrasonic sealing technology and a performance of up to 150 products per minute.

Format-flexible wrapping machines

The SonicSeal F format-flexible wrapping machinemakes use of the four-sided ultrasonic security sealing technology and has a performance of up to 100 products per minute. It is a fast and accurate solution for a variety of products such as leaflets, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Modular wrapping machines

FlexiSeal is a modular and flexible machine for the economical wrapping of flat and three dimensional products in different formats. Operator friendliness, format flexibility, an excellent price-performance ratio and a cycle speed of up to 80 products per minute characterise this machine.

The FlexiSeal modular wrapping machine produces tight display packs and provides a wide range of selectable options, including:

  • Easy open perforation
  • Header packages with euro hole
  • Recloseable packages
  • Use of preprinted film
  • Multi-packs

Separating, counting and wrapping machines

The VMC105 is a versatile machine for separating, counting and wrapping small to medium-sized products. It is ideal for telephone cards, stationery, greeting cards, CDs and DVD boxes. This machine ensures the best presentation of your products and offers high flexibility.

Flat-product wrapping machines

The VM 90 machine is for collating and wrapping of big formats. This machine is specifically designed for wrapping flat products in the size range of A6 to B4, such as paper sheets, index cards, labels, inserts for ring binders, greeting cards, envelopes and leaflets. This machine allows great flexibility for individual products or a mix of products.

Greeting card wrapping machines

The VFM 102 machine is ideally suited to wrapping greeting cards. It produces a wallet wrap at a high speed of up to 110 cycles per minute, without film trim, thereby keeping wrapping costs low.

The VFM 102 is specifically designed for the wrapping of greeting cards. The machine can be integrated into a packaging line to provide feeding, collating, scoring, folding, labelling and banding.

Overwrapping machines

The VRM 25 and VRM 30 overwrapping machines are ideal for wrapping or overwrapping dividers, index cards, envelopes, greeting cards, telephone cards and similar items. The FP-W100 overwrapping machine offers safe, precise and narrow overwrapping.

Feeding systems for packaging machines

Kora-Packmat’s feeding systems are for separating and feeding of flat products. They provide powerful, automated feeding and collating solutions for standard and customised applications.

Feeders are crucial add-ons to packaging machines. Kora-Packmat Asia designs and builds its own feeders based on its considerable technical know-how and experience. The feeders can be combined on its packaging machines or supplied as stand-alone systems used for separating, counting and selective feeding of flat products. Products include:

  • Friction feeders
  • Vacuum feeders
  • Complete collating units
  • Feeder accessories

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