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Innovia Films

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Cellulose Films for Packaging and Labels

Innovia Films is a leading global manufacturer of two ‘families’ of speciality products.

Research and Development Centre,
West Road,
CA7 9XX,
United Kingdom

Innovia Films is a leading global manufacturer of two ‘families’ of speciality products that are supplied to the packaging, labels, tobacco overwrap and securities markets – Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Cellulose-based films.

Our films can be coated / uncoated and are available in transparent, coloured and metallised variants. Sold to converters, brand-owners and end-users across the globe, they have become part of the packaging, labelling or overwrap solutions for some of the world’s best known brands, across a wide variety of everyday consumer goods.

These include confectionery, perfumes, cheeses, teabags, shampoo, cigarettes, beer and biscuits.

We have production sites in the UK, US, Belgium and Australia and operate a global network of sales offices, agents and distributors.

Innovia Films' unique bubble-produced polypropylene film is biaxially oriented (BOPP) - meaning it is stretched equally in both directions (machine and transverse) at the same time directly following extrusion.
Whether you choose Propafilm, Cellophane or NatureFlex, Innovia Films offers an unparalleled selection of transparent, coloured, white, metallised and compostable films for confectionery applications.
Our team of R&D specialists can perform highly detailed analyses of engineered surfaces such as ToF-SIMS (Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy). The extreme surface sensitivity of our instruments enables us to further enhance our products with innovative features, benefits and effects.
The overwrapping of a tea box with an outer transparent film to protect and promote the contents is used extensively. Film selection depends on the tea product and the packaging format. Innovia Films can offer many solutions to tea producers based on our BOPP or Cellulose films.
Our films can be used to make structures such as pouches that are light, durable and fit for purpose. The opportunity also exists to combine grades of NatureFlex film with other bio-polymer films to produce technical flexible laminates, suitable for use in the dried foods market (cereals and muesli).
Innovia Films is working with a number of partners and co-suppliers in developing complex laminate structures from renewable materials (including NatureFlex) for coffee packaging that is not only compostable, but can also provide the required oxygen and moisture vapour barriers.
'Snap Wrap' is a new range of scored films for easy removal of cigarette packs from clear collation bundles. Two packs can be 'snapped' off at a time, leaving the rest of the bundle intact.
Laminate structures of compostable NatureFlex films with paper can be developed for the Roll Your Own (RYO) tobacco market such as pouches.
Rayoface CZ Plus and WZ Plus squeezable films offer an inherently printable surface and outstanding print performance without the need for a top coat.
RayoForm injection moulding In Mould Labelling (IML) films are manufactured using the 'bubble' process giving balanced biaxial orientation and broadly equal mechanical properties in the machine and transverse directions.

Worldwide we employ 1,350 people and our focus is on delivering high quality speciality products, maintaining strong customer relationships, research and development (R&D) and unsurpassed service.

We sell to more than 100 countries around the globe. With a turnover in excess of Є400m, our total annual film production capacity currently stands at more than 120,000t.

Our brands include:


Manufactured by us since 1933, this flexible cellulose film is used widely for confectionery (twist wrap), bakery, yeast and cheese wraps, as well as box overwraps.


Launched in 2003 this flexible cellulose film takes the Cellophane™ concept to the next level, by being certified compostable according to various industry standards.


A wide range of unique bubble produced high performance BOPP flexible films, coated and uncoated, for packaging and overwrap applications. They are used extensively for biscuit and bakery overwrap, fresh produce, convenience ‘food on the go’ applications and high-speed flow-wrapping. As well as tobacco, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, confectionery, cut paper and digital media box overwraps.


These films were the first BOPP filmic substrates to be used in the pressure sensitive industry and after more than 20 years, they are still ‘leaders of the pack’. Significant areas of the sector have switched from paper to BOPP to enjoy the marketing benefits achievable from the ‘no-label look’.

NatureFlex films challenge convention

NatureFlex™ films are certified to meet the American ASTM D6400, European EN13432 and Australian AS4736 standards for compostable packaging. The wood-pulp is sourced from managed plantations. The renewable bio-based content of NatureFlex™ films is typically 95% by weight of material according to ASTM D6866.

These films are ideal for packaging confectionery, bakery goods, fresh produce, dried goods, snacks, household products and personal care items.

They offer natural and organic product manufacturers the opportunity to align their packaging message with the spirit of their product marketing, by providing them with a compostable, naturally-based packaging material.

NatureFlex™ begins life as a natural product – wood – and breaks down at the end of its lifecycle in a home compost bin (or industrial compost environment) within a matter of weeks. It is also confirmed as suitable for emerging ‘waste to energy’ techniques, such as anaerobic digestion.

NatureFlex™ at a Glance:

  • Good gloss and transparency
  • Naturally high gas barrier
  • Proven barrier to mineral oil residues
  • Range of moisture permeabilities available to suit different product requirements
  • Wide heat-seal range for enhanced packaging speed and flexibility
  • Inherently good deadfold for twist or fold-end uses
  • High heat resistance
  • Naturally anti-static for high machine performance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resistant to greases, oils and fats
  • Print and conversion friendly
  • Good anti-mist properties
  • Compatibility with other bio-materials e.g. for lamination

Latest developments in overwrap films

Innovia Films’ investment in R&D and technical support has kept us as a leader in shrink and collation overwrap films for the tobacco market – with our Propafilm™ range being at the forefront of these developments.

The trend towards clear collation of tobacco packs has inspired our new easy-open ‘Snap Wrap’ films. Scored lines are applied to the film at predetermined positions to coincide with the edges of packs in the collation bundles.

This feature gives localised weakening of the film and offers customers the benefits of snapping the film at the scored lines to remove two packs at a time, while the remainder of the bundle stays collated.

Laminate structures of compostable NatureFlex™ films with paper can be developed for the Roll Your Own (RYO) tobacco market, such as pouches.

BOPP label films

Rayoface™ continues to be at the forefront of developments in Pressure Sensitive Labelling (PSL). It is the industry’s benchmark range of substrates, suitable for conventional and digital printing processes.

Our latest innovations are driving cost out of filmic labels by increasing efficiencies throughout the conversion process.

Rayoface™ CZ Plus and WZ Plus squeezable films offer an inherently printable surface and outstanding print performance without the need for a top coat. We also offer transparent and solid white films for In Mould Labelling (IML) – RayoForm™.

Innovia Group Ownership

The board of Innovia Group is pleased to announce that Arle Capital (Arle) has acquired the group from the Candover 2001 Fund, for an enterprise value of €498m, with funds raised from a syndicate of new investors.

28 April 2014

Innovia Films at Interpack

Innovia Films will be in hall 9, stand 9F04 at Interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany, 8-14 May.

18 March 2014

NatureFlex’s Breathability Enhances Safety

A US company has developed a ground breaking fabric that offers high level chemical protection, using NatureFlex™ from Innovia Films within its construction.

14 October 2013

Major Investment Committed to Meet Growing Demand

Innovia Films, a division of Innovia Group, announced a £20m investment package this week for the installation of additional Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film capacity and a 'state-of-the-art' gas turbine at its UK site.

22 August 2013

New Hire for Innovia Films Americas

Innovia Films is pleased to announce a new addition to lead its Americas Labels Team - Dan Galovic, who took up his post on 5 November.

19 November 2012

Innovia Films Appoints a New Agent in India

Innovia Films (Asia Pacific) Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Shivananda Marketing Pvt Ltd as its agent in India. They will be authorised to sell both the NatureFlex™ and Cellophane™ film ranges.

12 November 2012

Canadian Coffee Bag Diverts Waste from Landfill

Pistol & Burnes, a leading Canadian coffee roasting company, has introduced a fully compostable pack for its Farmer First brand, incorporating cellulose-based NatureFlex™ from Innovia Films.

16 October 2012

Frito-Lay and Innovia Films Suit Reconciled

Frito-Lay North America Inc, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, and Innovia Films Ltd have resolved their legal issue regarding the patent rights for bio-based multilayer films.

27 September 2012

Compostable Film Chosen to Package Organic Tea

Innovia Films’ compostable cellulose-based material, NatureFlex™ NVR, has been chosen by Lebensbaum, to pack its range of organic teas. Founded in Germany in 1979, Lebensbaum is a pioneer in the production of organic tea, coffee and herbs.

6 July 2012

Innovia Films Launches New Natureflex™ Website

Innovia Films, the leading international producer of speciality substrates, has launched a new website focusing specifically on its compostable, cellulose-based product, NatureFlex™, at

25 June 2012

Innovia Films Wins Environmental Leadership Award

Innovia Films, the global manufacturer of BOPP and cellulose films used in the packaging and labels industries, has been honoured with an Environmental Leadership Award at the 2011 Chemical Industry Association (CIA) awards. The Environmental Leadership Award is presented to the company

21 August 2011

NatureFlex Film Blossoms into Flower Bulb Packaging

Innovia Films' transparent, compostable cellulose-based material, NatureFlex™ NVS, has been chosen by a consortium of three Dutch exporters, to pack their range of flower bulbs. This pouch pack is a tri-part lamination construction of NatureFlex NVS to paper and PLA and was develop

7 June 2011

Innovia Films Launches New Corporate Website

Innovia Films, the leading international producer of speciality BOPP and cellulose substrates, has launched a new corporate website at The new design features updated content and provides customers with all the relevant product information they may require such as

28 March 2011

Innovia Films to Exhibit at Interpack

Innovia Films will exhibit at Interpack in hall 9 at stand G03. Innovia Films is a major international producer of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) and cellulose (Cellophane™) films, with production sites in the UK, the US, Belgium and Australia. Our transparent, metallised

28 March 2011

BOPP Label Films Reduce Pack Weight and Waste

Innovia Films, the world leading, innovative producer of speciality BOPP and cellulose substrates for a variety of labelling techniques, has launched a new range of films suitable for linerless label applications, Rayoface™ NB. Working in partnership with leading machine and techno

10 March 2011

Natural Snacks Packed in High-Barrier NatureFlex™ Film

Innovia Films' high-barrier compostable cellulose-based material, NatureFlex™, has been chosen by organic food wholesaler Infinity Foods to wrap its range of snack packs. Transparent NatureFlex was launched in 2008 and offers not only compostability, but also a moisture barrier ap

13 December 2010

NatureFlex™ Film Launches at Emballage 2010

Innovia Films will launch a new grade of NatureFlex™ at Emballage 2010 in Paris. Visit us at stand #6C110. The new film, NatureFlex N913, comprises NatureFlex together with a proprietary sealant layer and it is the first of a brand new family of NatureFlex products, which will further i

25 November 2010

NatureFlex is a Chip Off the Old Block

Boulder Canyon™ Natural Foods, a leading North American snack food manufacturer, has introduced a renewable, fully compostable pack for its line of all natural kettle-cooked potato chips. The innovative packaging has been gaining attention because it looks, feels and sounds the same as

28 October 2010

New NatureFlex Films Launched

Innovia Films has launched its high barrier NatureFlex™ range of renewable and compostable cellulose-based packaging films for the North American market. The new films, NatureFlex NKR and NKA, manufactured in Tecumseh, Kansas, provide the highest moisture barriers of any transparent bio-film

15 September 2010

NatureFlex High Barrier Family Tree Grows

Innovia Films has expanded its high barrier NatureFlex™ range of biodegradable and compostable cellulose-based packaging films. The new high barrier films include a lustrous metallised version, NatureFlex NKM, a range of brightly coloured films, NatureFlex NKC and a solid white fi

6 June 2010

Metallised NatureFlex Helps Purple Go Green

Innovia Films' metallised, biodegradable material, NatureFlex™, has been selected by major confectionery manufacturer, Cadbury, to wrap its Flake brand in Australasia. NatureFlex™ NM is a cellulose-based, biodegradable film, manufactured from renewable wood pulp, metallised in-house and

26 April 2010

Metallised NatureFlex Wraps Thorntons Melts

Innovia Films' metallised, biodegradable material, NatureFlex™ NM, has been selected by British confectionery manufacturer Thorntons to wrap its new Melts brand. NatureFlex NM is a cellulose-based, biodegradable film, manufactured from renewable wood pulp, metallised in-house and s

24 March 2010

Carbon Neutral NatureFlex Film Supports Development of Anaerobic Digestion

Innovia Films has gained CarbonNeutral® certification for its full range of cellulose-based NatureFlex™ coated biodegradable and compostable packaging films. The certification was achieved following an independent assessment of the CO2 emissions produced in the manufacture of

25 February 2010

Gourmet Canadian Pasta Opts For Sustainable NatureFlex Packaging Film

A Canadian company, Nature's Farm™, has chosen sustainable and compostable NatureFlex™ from Innovia Films to wrap its range of gourmet pasta products. Founded in 1987 in Steinbach, Manitoba, Nature's Farm is a family-owned business with a poultry operation producing eggs. In

2 November 2009

Nuts About High Barrier NatureFlex™ Film

Innovia Films' high barrier compostable cellulose-based material, NatureFlex™ NK, has been chosen by an Italian producer, New Factor, to wrap its range of organic nuts and dried fruit – Mister Nut Bio. NatureFlex NK was launched in 2008 and offers not only biodegradability and comp

27 September 2009

Vegware Biodegradable Cutlery Sets Wrapped In Compostable Natureflex Film

Innovia Films' biodegradable and compostable material, NatureFlex NE30, has been chosen to flow-wrap Vegware's natural starch cutlery sets. NatureFlex was an obvious solution for the packaging in this application as the film begins life as a natural product – wood - and breaks down at t

8 June 2009

Brand New Cellulose Film Production Line at Innovia Films’ Wigton Site

Commercial production has started on a new cellulose film manufacturing line at Innovia Films' Wigton site in the UK. The €10 million investment for the new machine was agreed two years ago and will replace two existing production lines that have been in operation since the late 1

26 May 2009

Natureflex Gains Seal Of Approval From Leading UK Consumer Body

Innovia Films' compostable cellulose-based packaging film, NatureFlex™, has been put to the test by the UK's leading consumer body and passed with flying colours. In the May edition of Which? Gardening magazine, five compostable materials used in supermarket packaging were tested

12 May 2009

Herbs and Spices Packed in Innovia Films’ High-Barrier Natureflex Film

Innovia Films' high-barrier, compostable, cellulose-based material NatureFlex™ NK has been chosen by an Austrian producer, Sonnentor, to wrap its range of herbs and spices. NatureFlex NK was launched in 2008 and offers not only biodegradability and compostability, but also a moist

19 April 2009

Flexible Packaging Success Stateside For NatureFlex

The winners of the 2009 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards (sponsored by the Flexible Packaging Association) were announced recently in Florida and NatureFlex™ from Innovia Films was an integral part of the entry, honoured with two gold awards. The multi award-winning entry is t

1 April 2009

Lush Easter Eggs Wrapped in NatureFlex Film

Innovia Films’ biodegradable and compostable packaging film NatureFlex™ has been chosen by the ethical handmade cosmetics company Lush to wrap its range of ‘Happy Easter’ gift eggs. The hollow eggs, available in two varieties (Pink – Candy Fluff Egg and Yellow – Honey Bee Egg) are

26 March 2009

New Peelable Transparent Reamwrap Film – Propaream™ T710P

Innovia Films is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its Propaream™ range: a peelable transparent reamwrap film, Propaream T710P, designed to respond to the requirements of the small office home office (SOHO) market. Transparent filmic wrap for cut-size paper is a continuin

8 March 2009

The GoodOnYa Bar Wrapped in Compostable Natureflex Film

Innovia Films’ biodegradable and compostable flexible material, NatureFlex™, has been chosen for a new range of organic, mostly raw nutrition bars produced in the USA. Based in San Diego, California, the GoodOnYa concept was founded by former Olympic athlete Kris Fillat. It began f

22 February 2009

Twinings Teabags Wrapped in Compostable Natureflex Film

Innovia Films’ sustainable and compostable packaging film NatureFlex™ has been chosen by Twinings to wrap one of its major tea products, Everyday. Founded in 1706, Twinings’ high quality teas are enjoyed today in more than 100 countries around the globe. The shift to metallised Nat

3 February 2009

Quality Street Wrappers Go Compostable with New Natureflex Coloured Film

Innovia Films’ renewable and compostable packaging film, NatureFlex™ has been chosen by Nestlé UK to wrap one of its signature confectionery brands: Quality Street. Having supplied Nestlé UK for many years with its coloured Cellophane™ products, Innovia Films was keen to meet

10 November 2008

New High Barrier NatureFlex™ Film Launched

Innovia Films’ next generation of its flexible, compostable film, NatureFlex™ was officially launched today at the European Bioplastics Conference in Berlin. The new film, NatureFlex NK, offers not only biodegradability and compostability, but also a moisture barrier approaching that of

5 November 2008

Guayaki Goes for Green Natureflex™ Packaging

Innovia Films’ biodegradable and compostable material, NatureFlex™, is helping a Californian company, Guayaki, in its bid to achieve the ‘greenest’ packaging possible for its Yerba Mate organic tea products. Guayaki (Gwy-uh-KEE) was founded by Alex Pryor and David Karr in 1997. Th

13 October 2008

New Range Of Non-Perforated ‘Breathable’ BOPP Film

Innovia Films has launched its first range of ‘breathable’ biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film, PropaFresh P2G and P2GAF. This range of specific permeable, non-perforated films is the direct result of work carried out at Innovia Films’ own research and development facility.

8 September 2008

Fast Flexible Film Wraps New Mr Kipling Cake Bites

Innovia Films’ fast seal coated high barrier film, Propafilm FFX26, is being used by Manor Bakeries to wrap its newest product development – Mr Kipling Cake Bites. Part of Innovia Films’ fast flexible films (FFF) range, Propafilm FFX, a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) material i

7 September 2008


Innovia Films’ biodegradable and compostable flexible material, NatureFlex™ has been chosen as part of the packaging for a new range of all natural, organic dog biscuits produced in the USA. Based in Stockton Springs, Maine, Barkwheats™ Dog Biscuits was founded in November 2007 by Chris

28 July 2008

NatureFlex Part of Packaging First Down Under

Innovia Films’ biodegradable, compostable and flexible packaging material, NatureFlex™ is an integral part of a packaging first for an Australian gingerbread biscuit producer. Based in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Gingerbread Folk is the brainchild of former architect, tu

22 July 2008

NatureFlex Provides the Finishing Touch

Multi award-winning Welsh artisan organic flour producer, Bacheldre Watermill, has chosen Innovia Film’s biodegradable and compostable material, NatureFlex™, to add the finishing touch to its stylish flour packaging. Previously using a foil-based label, Bacheldre Watermill was deli

6 June 2008

Winning Streak for Innovia Films’ NatureFlex

Innovia Films' leading biodegradable, compostable, flexible film – NatureFlex™ has scooped prizes at two major packaging awards held recently. First, was the prestigious 20th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation. The annual DuPont Awards is the industry's longest running, indepen

16 May 2008

Innovative Cereal Pack Uses Natureflex™ Film

Innovia Films' biodegradable, compostable NatureFlex™ film is being used as part of the packaging for a leading British cereal producer’s organic range. Jordans has adopted new bags for the recent relaunch of its organic muesli and granola cereal. The innovative packs have been dev

18 April 2008

Chocolate Goji Treats Packaged in Sustainable Film

Innovia Films' biodegradable packaging material, NatureFlex™, is helping a raw snack food company – Superfood Snacks - to fulfill its ideal for natural eco-friendly sustainable bags to package their first product, Chocolate Goji Treats. They are a synergistically balanced fusion o

17 April 2008

Take a Fresh Look at Natureflex

Innovia Films will be showcasing its full range of NatureFlex™, one of the market leading biodegradable and compostable flexible packaging materials, at Bioplastics in Packaging – Interpack 2008. "Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the perceived environmental impac

28 March 2008

Premium Chocolate Maker Chooses Natureflex

Innovia Films' biodegradable packaging material NatureFlex™ is being used by the American company, Askinosie Chocolate, as the inner wrap for its range of small-batch produced premium chocolate. Based in Springfield, Missouri, Askinosie Chocolate was founded by lawyer turned chocol

28 March 2008

New NatureFlex NVR Launches at Interpack 2008

At Bioplastics in Packaging - Interpack 2008, Innovia Films will be launching a new grade of NatureFlex™ film, NVR. NatureFlex is one of the market leading biodegradable and compostable flexible films for packaging and labels. NatureFlex NVR belongs to the second generation of Inno

28 March 2008

New Easy Open Performance Film – Propaream T710EO

Innovia Films is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its Propaream™ portfolio: an easy-open packaging film, Propaream T710EO, designed to address the need for increased consumer convenience in the fast moving cut-size paper market. Transparent filmic wrap for cut-size paper

28 March 2008

NatureFlex Goes CarbonZero

Innovia Films has achieved CarbonZero status on its full range of NatureFlex™ coated biodegradable and compostable packaging films through the implementation of carbon-reduction schemes. NatureFlex is one of the few packaging materials that has been tested to and complies with the

31 January 2008

New Biodegradable Film for Chill Cabinet Applications

Innovia Films has launched a totally new biodegradable and compostable film for fresh food applications. NatureFlex NVS has been specifically developed to provide improved dimensional stability under chill conditions. This high gloss film with enhanced transparency has inherent anti-sta

20 October 2006

Launch of First Metallised NatureFlex

The first metallised biodegradable film suitable for both industrial and home composting has been introduced by Innovia Films. NatureFlex NM is a unique cellulose-based film, manufactured from renewable wood pulp and metallised in-house. It has been tested to, and passed, the

30 March 2006

Biodegradeable Film Used to Wrap Tampons

One of the leading European producers of hygienic tampons TOSAMA has switched to using film which will biodegrade in waste water to wrap its tampons. NatureFlex NE30, from Innovia Films, is one of a small number of packaging materials which meets the criteria of the Miti Test (ISO 14851

2 March 2006

New Cellophane for Yeast Wrapping

Innovia Films has developed a new vibrant blue Cellophane™ film for wrapping fresh yeast to help bakers avoid product contamination. The new film - Cellophane™ LMSCi - is designed to be used to wrap large blocks of yeast. The colour has been developed so that should a

17 February 2006

Launch of New White “Squeezable” Label Film

Innovia Films is expanding its market leading range of "squeezable" label facestock films. The latest development is Rayoface™ WZPA, a high performance white pigmented film, designed for demanding applications requiring resilient conformability on flexible containers.

17 February 2006

New Packaging Film Meets Sustainable Needs

A new transparent packaging film has been developed by Innovia Films that strikes at the heart of current paper industry concerns about sustainability. NatureFlex™ 42NE-RW is a unique biodegradable and compostable film manufactured from renewable wood pulp, sourced exclusively from

22 January 2006

Acquisition of Surface Specialties UCB

The films business of the Belgium-based UCB Group is set to be bought for €320m by a consortium led by the former Managing Director of Hays Chemical Distribution, Dennis Matthewman, who will chair the new company, and Candover Partners Ltd. The new company, headed by the

20 July 2004

New Peel Seal Film For Sandwich Packs

A new high performance lidding film for sandwich packs which combines excellent barrier properties with easy peel has been launched. PropaLid™, from Surface Specialties, is a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film which will provide a strong but easy peel se

13 October 2003

Innovia Films Ltd

Research and Development Centre
West Road
United Kingdom

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