EPHA’s Proposal for Front-of-Pack Food Information Labelling

This 2008 white paper from the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) deals with the problem of childhood and adulthood obesity, and its links to improper labelling, which leads to consumers being unable to distinguish between healthy and fatty foods.

The alliance estimated that by 2010, 150 million adults and 15 million children would be officially obese in Europe.

Proposals in the white paper include introducing compulsory traffic light labelling to help consumers identify healthy and unhealthy foods.

It also suggests introducing mandatory nutrient labelling on front and back of packaging, additional nutrients information on the back, total pure alcohol, potential allergenics and a list of ingredients for all alcoholic beverages.

To promote an antiobesogenic environment, it also stresses the importance of producing European Dietary Nutrition Guidelines to support the proposal on regulation.

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