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Flexible Packaging Adhesives

Adhesives manufacturers continue to develop innovative new technologies and products for the packaging industry.


Laminating adhesives are used to combine multiple layers of films, foils and / or papers to meet performance requirements from general to medium to hig-performance packaging.

Every day, the food and pharmaceutical industries are developing new products that require packaging that is heat resistant, humidity resistant, chemical resistant, UV resistant or retortable.

In this dynamic environment adhesive manufacturers must respond with technologies that address all packaging requirements, from general purpose to high-performance specialty applications.


Discover the technologies and associated performance of these day-to-day use adhesives: water-based adhesives, solvent-based adhesives, solventless adhesives.

Adhesive performance for packaging laminations is typically characterised by the end-use application as general purpose, medium performance or high performance. The choice of a laminating adhesive depends on the films used in the construction and the end-use requirements.

General-performance applications include snack foods and confectionery. Medium-performance applications include sauces, condiments, perfumes, liquid soaps, meat, cheese, coffee packs and juices. High-performance applications include hot fill, boil-in-bags, retort, wipes, iodine packs, shelf stable processed foods, etc.

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