Boost Brand Recognition with Customised Bottles

Producing custom beverage packaging requires quick thinking and familiarity with how materials and products interact. Michael Schlegel, owner of Systempack Manufaktur, explains why his team is the perfect choice for complex speciality requests.
Finding a silhouette that will stand out is the first step in designing a customised bottle. Not only is there the shape and material to consider, but one must also look at the closure, interaction of multiple packaging materials and how the product inside will react with the entire packaging. It all adds up to a complicated process that requires unique expertise, as well as the flexibility to backtrack. With 120 years in the beverage packing business, and 20 years providing custom packaging solutions, Systempack Manufaktur has had time to develop its expertise. The German manufacturer began by making casks for local brewers and then diversified into glass products. Owner Michael Schlegel says designing and producing custom bottles accounts for the majority of its turnover. Download to find out more.

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