oxipack sltOxipack’s innovative Stationary Leak Tester (SLT) system has been specifically designed to offer simple and effective off-line sample testing of flexible modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

With the SLT you can manually test packaging that has small amounts of air in it or packaging that contains inert gas.

These could be packets of grated cheese, nuts, part-cooked bread, coffee, potato chips or pet food.

The SLT uses pressure differences to test for leaks. The package is placed between two flexible membranes.

After the cover has been closed, a deep vacuum is created in the test chamber. Thus, a very small test area is created without damaging the packaging.

For example, potato chips can be tested without even cracking one!

Using this unique method of measurement, you are able to detect both micro-leaks and large leaks, without having to change any settings.

Even identical and different forms and sizes of packaging can be tested at the same time.


  • Non-destructive leak detection
  • Simple to operate and clean
  • Due to its size and robustness, the SLT is perfectly suited for factory and industrial environments
  • Within 20 seconds leaks will be detected up to 10µm
  • Small packages from 2oz (50g) to 55lb (25kg) can be tested very accurately
  • Reduce wastage of food and materials
  • No risk of cross contamination.