inline packaging testerOxipack has recently developed a pioneering, industry-first solution that provides quick and effective micro-leak testing on flexible pouches such as those used for juices or liquid pet foods, which were not previously testable by conventional methods.

Our ‘leak detection 2.0’ measurement process is fully automatic, fast and very precise as well. The solution can detect tiny leaks up to 10µm-50µm, upward of one hundredth of a millimetre.

The accuracy of the measurements depend upon the viscosity of the liquid content.

Working alongside you we can look at integrating your quality requirements into the production process.

What are the possibilities of improving the success of your quality control with regards to leak detection?

In doing this, we make use of our leak testing equipment and knowledge of industrial processes and technical know-how.

Automated in-line leak detection can be achieved for all kind types of packaging. By using in-line leak detection according to the Oxipack pressure test method, you increase your grip on the packaging process.

Prototyping of packaging testing solutions

Want to know for sure that the top, cap, seal or a new packaging concept is airtight? Have them tested using the customised Oxipack specials equipment.

In some cases it is not necessary or not possible to test the total packaging for leaks.

Oxipack is able to adjust a standard device, or create a totally customised prototype solution.

Oxipack will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.