Biffa Polymers reopens mixed plastics recycling line at Redcar plant in UK

5 December 2013 (Last Updated December 5th, 2013 18:30)

UK-based Biffa Polymers has reopened its mixed plastics recycling line at its plant located at Redcar in Wilton.

UK-based polymer company Biffa Polymers has reopened the mixed plastics recycling line at its plant located at Redcar in Wilton.

Built in December 2010, the plant was upgraded with a polypropylene recycler and new equipment that include a light and air separation tower.

The line yields low polypropylene (PP)-rich materials from the recycling process. The company has spent approximately £150,000 on new equipment, which can process around 1,000t of mixed plastic a month.

Work on the recycling line began in 2013 after the plant experienced processing problems with an earlier line. In 2012, the original mixed plastics recycling line at the plant was closed, and now it has been upgraded to increase its plastic yield capacity.

Biffa Polymers commercial manager Chris Hanlon said that the company targeted overall recovery of plastic at 60%, but it was getting between 25% and 35%.

"There were lots of contaminants in there and while we tried various feedstocks, we concluded that after a lot of hard work the yield we were getting from the [previous] system meant that it just wasn’t economically viable," he said.

"Now we are getting 70% PP-rich material from a bale, when before it would be nearer 30%. And this will be 98% pure, providing a consistent melt-flow range.

"Getting hold of it is a big issue. This plant can handle 1,000 tonnes a month and we could certainly deal with a lot more than we are getting."