Cascades introduces recyclable foam food tray

19 April 2013 (Last Updated April 19th, 2013 04:43)

Cascades has introduced a new polystyrene foam food tray made with 25% recycled material on the grocery shelves of a Canadian distributor Metro.

Cascade's EVOK

Cascades has introduced a new polystyrene foam food tray made with 25% recycled material, to be used with products sold by Canadian distributor Metro.

The new EVOK tray has been created to pack meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fresh fruit.

Cascades Specialty Products Group president and chief operating officer Luc Langevin said the company can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 20% compared to its traditional packaging made with polystyrene foam, by replacing a quarter of the material it uses with recycled material.

"Polystyrene foam, which is 90% air, provides us with an undeniable environmental advantage," Langevin said.

According to Cascades, the tray has been developed in response to a life-cycle assessment analysis conducted by CIRAIG and published in 2011 by Cascades.

The company has evaluated every step in its product’s life cycle, from the extraction of raw material to the finished product, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of its food packaging.

Cascades was enabled by the analysis to study the environmental impact of materials which could substantially reduce the environmental impact of its products.

Replacing regular packaging with EVOK is claimed to enable the Canadian distributor to reduce Quebec’s greenhouse gas emissions by some 600t, which is the equivalent produced by 200 compact cars.

Cascades produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products composed mainly of recycled fibres.

Image: Cascades’ new EVOK tray is made with 25% recycled material; Photo: Courtesy of CNW Group/Cascades Inc.