Clearly Clean Products has announced the launch of its new recyclable modified atmosphere package (MAP) tray for meat, poultry, entrées and kebabs.

The new tray is FDA-compliant and uses a patented process of applying a peelable, thin liner to a recyclable PET (RPET) tray.

According to the company, the printed liner, which can be customised to meet marketing objectives, provides barrier protection to maintain shelf life of the product.

Manufactured in the US, the tray comes in industry-standard sizes including 10S and 3P.

The MAP tray works within existing equipment, and is simple for the processors to seal and for consumers to use.

The new product launch follows consumer demand and government regulations that are driving the need for eco-friendly packaging.

Environmentally-focused companies have been compelled to see their products placed in foam or plastic MAP trays till now, Clearly Clean said.

Supermarket chain in the US Weis Markets has implemented Clearly Clean’s recyclable tray as part of its sustainability strategy, and replaced all of its lid-sealed plastic trays for meat products recently.

Clearly Clean president Jeff Maguire said the company is helping companies extend their sustainability focus from the farm to the store to the home.

"Weis Markets is an example of a company that has embraced this concept," Maguire said.

Clearly Clean Products has a Peel-Away paint tray line, besides the MAP tray.