Swiss food manufacturer Coop has partnered with barcode label printing platform NiceLabel to streamline and enhance its labelling process across factories and in-store bakeries.

Coop has deployed the label management system across its network of 45 in-store bakeries in Switzerland to enhance the accuracy of labelling and food safety.

The solution will assist the company in design, management, quality assurance and production of food labels, which will feature allergen, ingredient and nutrition information.

Coop ERP Production Companies and IT Processes head Didier Gremaud said: “We cannot ignore the issues within the industry around allergen labelling.

“Coop requires that all food prepared in the store is clearly and uniformly labelled with ingredients and potential allergens. Rolling out NiceLabel to our 45 in-store bakeries allows us to do just that.”

“NiceLabel digitised our processes and removed the IT burden every time we wanted to change a label.”

Under the partnership, NiceLabel will be integrated with Coop’s existing SAP system, allowing each production site and bakery to produce consistent labels.

The food manufacturer can also use universal templates to maintain the approved label format, regardless of the printer type or resolution.

Gremaud added: “NiceLabel digitised our processes and removed the IT burden every time we wanted to change a label. Before, we had multiple interfaces to multiple printing solutions.

“Now, we have one system, one single point of contact, and one interface. NiceLabel’s Document Management System logs everything, making it traceable, and is critical to our quality control processes.”