Mondi unveils new traceable bag solution

19 June 2013 (Last Updated June 19th, 2013 18:30)

Mondi Industrial Bags has introduced the new SmartID Bag with unique code.

Smart ID Bag

Mondi Industrial Bags has introduced the new SmartID Bag with unique code.

Mondi Industrial Bags sales and marketing director Claudio Fedalto said that each bag gets its own unique code, printed by the company, allowing the bag to be identified throughout the value chain all the way to the consumer.

"This opens a wealth of information and opportunities," he said.

The code allows the filler, the distributor and the end user to upload and access predefined information stored in a database that is related to that code.

The code is simply scanned with a smartphone to access the information.

The SmartID Bag can prove to the buyer that the bag’s content is authentic and corresponds to the actual quality sold. It allows the concept of tracking products through the production line to extend to other industries besides the pharmaceutical industry.

Tracking can be done both backwards and forwards in a monitored supply chain. It can be in response to legal requirements for certain filling goods or simply to give tight control to the filler over their products and components.

Stock volumes can also be monitored at the point of sale, allowing users to react to temporary or regional sales differences faster than has been previously possible. It also provides detailed buyer data for micro marketing, according to the company.

The SmartID Bag was presented at the Austrian packaging conference Impackt 2013 on 7 June.

Image: Mondi’s SmartID Bag has a unique code on it. Photo: courtesy of Mondi