Montebello Packaging chooses Infor software technology to boost production

20 December 2012 (Last Updated December 20th, 2012 18:30)

Montebello Packaging, a manufacturer of aluminium and laminate tubes, has selected Infor’s software products to speed up its production.

Montebello Packaging Speeds Production with Infor

Montebello Packaging, a manufacturer of aluminium and laminate tubes, has selected Infor's software products to speed up its production.

The products, including Infor VISUAL and Infor PLM Discrete, will be integrated by Montebello with its existing computer-aided design (CAD) system.

Both the products provide a unified data repository, which help to automate processes for better production and reduced order delivery times.

According to Infor, connectivity between its products and the CAD system will enable automated data capture, storage and sharing across the enterprise to aid production and delivery.

Montebello Packaging can better streamline internal processes, by minimising entry requirements manually.

Tighter integration of Infor PLM Discrete and Infor VISUAL will allow for easier retrieval of current and past product information, which will result in better decision-making and management of production as well as change control processes.

With Infor PLM Discrete, Montebello can develop, configure and quote new products quickly.

The improved tracking capabilities of each Infor solution will enable Montebello to improve compliance with regulatory standards from its pharmaceutical customers, helping to strengthen current relationships.

Montebello Packaging supply chain director Hannah Labuschagne said the company's engineers will have the tools they need to make better decisions and bring new products to market through easy access to consolidated manufacturing information, using Infor solutions.

"Our engineers currently have no central repository for formulas and product development information, which makes it time consuming to gather the necessary data to request changes and make improvements to processes," Labuschagne said.

Montebello Packaging, which has facilities in the US and Canada, manufactures laminate and collapsible aluminium tubes and aerosol cans.

Image: Montebello Packaging depolys Infor's software products to speed up production. Photo: Infor.