SIG Combibloc provides recyclable carton packs to Canadian food manufacturer

6 May 2013 (Last Updated May 6th, 2013 18:30)

Lassonde Specialties, a Canadian food manufacturer, is set to launch its Canton brand of fondue bouillons in SIG Combibloc’s recyclable carton packs.

SIG carton packs

Lassonde Specialties, a Canadian food manufacturer, is set to launch its Canton brand of fondue bouillons in SIG Combibloc's recyclable carton packs.

The new combiblocStandard 1,100ml carton packs feature a V perforation to make them easy to open.

Lassonde Specialties communications vice president Stefano Bertolli said the company decided to opt for a new, lighter, practical and greener packaging form that better preserves the flavour and quality of its fondue bouillons.

"That's the end of the can for our bouillons," Bertolli said.

According to the carton packaging and filling machines supplier, the carton packs for the Canton fondue bouillons carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label with the trademark licence code FSC C020428.

The label verifies that only wood fibres that originated from forests managed responsibly, were used to manufacture the unprocessed cardboard from which the carton packs are manufactured.

The light weighted carton packs have a square base, stack well and allow secondary packaging to be kept to a minimum, which results in reduction of emissions and minimisation of fossil resource consumption.

SIG Combibloc North America head of marketing and business development Tim Kirchen said, "Foods in convenient portion sizes, in packaging made from ecofriendly materials derived from renewable resources, are more and more in demand. This is where aseptic carton packs for foods and beverages come into play - carton packs tick all those boxes."

Lassonde also decided to select the carton packs from SIG Combibloc owing to the flexibility of the filling technology.

The company was able to fill a wide range of food variants and package them for long life with the filling machines.

Carton packs are claimed to be the environmentally friendly packaging solutions, which are available for long-life foods, as they are made up to 75% from wood.

Image: Lassonde's 'Canton' brand fondue bouillons in SIG Combibloc carton packs; Photo: Courtesy of SIG Combibloc