US fast-food giant KFC has announced it will expand the reach of its reusable and recyclable container by early 2011.

KFC said the container, which is made of 100% polypropylene, generates 38m BTUs per tonne of the material in the waste-to-energy programme.

The material requires 25% less energy to produce than conventional polystyrene (PS) production and generates half the amount of greenhouse gases compared with general-purpose PS.

KFC said the microwaveable container, introduced in May 2010, reduces the shipping cube by 14% over expanded polystyrene (EPS) and replaces single-use, non-recyclable EPS with a reusable and recyclable resin.

The ventless vent technology adopted in the container also allows moisture to escape without the need for a hole in the lid, which is leak-resistant and provides a secure fit.

KFC plans reduce its use of foam by 62% and total plastic use by 17% by 2011.