Global packaging company AGI-Shorewood has unveiled a new technology that enables consumer product manufacturing companies to apply reflective packaging design elements on their product line.

AGI-Shorewood said the new ‘refleXions’ uses a technology in an in-line process to offer an alternative to metalised polyester, metalised transfer or hot foil stamping.

Through a traditional in-line printing application process, the technology enables the application of reflective design elements selectively in a single process.

According to AGI-Shorewood, the user-friendly refleXions eliminates multi-step material processes and helps the customer benefit from a sustainable product with better machineability results.

The company claims that the technology also helps reduce the cost of reflective treatments by introducing a leaner production process and avoiding additional steps.

AGI-Shorewood vice president of creative services Duncan Watson said the technology enables clients to place reflectivity based on their requirement without layering over the metallic and diminishing the white, resulting in brighter white space.

The firm said refleXions represents its proposal to develop a technology to anticipate and respond to its clients’ need for cost effective production cycles.

In January this year, US-based Atlas Holdings, owner of AGI World closed its agreement with Shorewood owner International Paper (IP) to combine their consumer-packaging solutions businesses turning both of them into AGI-Shorewood.

AGI-Shorewood has operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America; and all locations of Shorewood Packaging except those in China are now a part of the new business.