US developer and manufacturer of online testing and quality control devices AGR International has launched a vision-based inspection and quality management system for PET containers.

The new Pilot Vision system is the third component to the company’s Process Pilot Family of products and has an operating speed of up to 100,000 bottles per hour.

It has been designed to work in conjunction with reheat stretch blowmoulding equipment to provide detection of random occurring defects during the production of PET bottles.

The modular inspection system, which mounts inside the blowmoulder, is compatible with a wide variety of models and brands due to a compact design of cameras and lighting components, the company claims.

According to the AGR, the system has an open architecture that allows for simultaneous management of up to six cameras in multiple locations, configured in preform inspection in the oven area, bottle seal surface, bottle base and bottle sidewall inspection that permits complete sidewall inspection of bottles up to 40.5cm tall.

For flexibility, operation and clear, precise imaging, the Pilot Vision system uses Gig-e cameras and variable multi-spectrum LED illumination.

Available as a stand-alone system, the Pilot Vision offers tools including multiple adjustable ROI, digital image filtering, zone scaling and the ability to capture and hold a large set of images to assist operators with their processes setup and management.

Consisting of a touch screen user interface, the system provides information with live and historical images for the operator, including data for monitoring line status and assessing production trends, detailed defect and reject information and production-run data summaries.

Combined with the PETWall Profiler material distribution measurement system and the Process Pilot automated blowmoulder controls, the system can produce defect-free bottles, accordign to Agr.