US-based AGR International is set to unveil its two new vision-based products for the inspection and quality management of rigid plastic containers.

The all-new vision-based inspection system Pilot Vision mounts inside the blowmoulder and provides detection of random occurring faults during the PET bottle production.

Pilot Vision offers a way for manufacturers to evaluate preforms and blown bottles for defects that may compromise the quality of the finished product.

In order to provide hands-free management of blowmoulder operation while producing bottles of quality, the machine can be joined with the PETWall Profiler thickness wall gauging system and the Process Pilot automated blowmoulder management system.

Another product to be introduced is the new OptiCheck system that offers a solution for bottles that are transported on a conveyor line.

The multi-camera inspection system’s capabilities feature new vision technology and lighting methods.

OptiCheck offers complete detection for the entire bottle on the conveyor line, which include, seal surface, sidewall, base and label defect detection as well as laboratory-precision finish gauging.

According to the company, the modular OptiCheck system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a bottle producer, and its versions are available for all opaque as well as transparent bottles.

Agr International provides the plastic container industry with new products available for quality control and productivity improvement.

The company offers a broad line of products and services designed specifically for the quality assurance needs of the global beverage and packaging industries.