American Industrial Systems (AIS) has introduced industrial thin client touch panel computers with stainless-steel fronts for pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging processes.

Designed to maintain product safety and safeguard brand quality, the AIS 10.4in, 15in or 17in HMI thin client touch terminals also enable profitable and sustainable packaging, and gain production visibility for pharma and healthcare industries.

According to Food and Drug Administration guidelines, manufacturers of pharmaceutical and healthcare products are required to validate their production and packaging processes, besides demonstrating control and consistency.

This will help customers enhance overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), production rate, availability and order fulfillment, as well as minimise waste and labour costs by providing vital insights into high-speed packaging line operations.

AIS HMI hardware capabilities, which are paired with visualisation and control solutions, help monitor, control and optimise packaging operations to meet rapidly changing customer demands.

AIS industrial HMI thin client touch terminals with IP66 stainless-steel front bezel are industrial monitors with an integrated industrial-grade PC, and can operate as stand-alone solutions for combined plant control and visualisation.

The company’s IA99 series HMI terminal and panel PC with stainless-steel front address the stringent hygiene regulations for the food, packaging, and dairy industries, and also in cleanrooms.

The terminals feature stainless-steel panels with IP 66 protection, gap less housing design with flush-mounted touch screens, a housing geometry and an optimised frame profile that allows liquids to leak, and prevent accumulation and contamination.

AIS low-cost operator control and monitoring touch panels include Wonderware ArchestrA system latform, InduSoft EmbeddedView and Avnet Electronics Marketing.

The panels have been pre-tested and pre-configured for availability, performance, manageability and security suitable for workload running on supervisory control, process monitoring and operator interface software.