Allpax Products, a division of packaging company Pro Mach, will manufacture the new Shaka 1600 agitation retorts.

The single-basket retorts have a 1 ton capacity and equal the output of four-basket static retorts due to a 90% reduction in cycle time.

Shaka retorts are suitable for producing shelf-stable food packaged in cans, glass, semi-rigid and flexible containers.

Packaging is loaded in to Shaka retort horizontally to ensure all containers experience the same profile, resulting in consistency in each batch.

Allpax vice president and general manager Greg Jacob said that Shaka opens the doors to new products that would be difficult to retort due to the reduced processing time, and improves the taste and appearance of products on the market.

"When compared to static retorting, the improved taste and appearance difference is like night and day for pasta dishes, soups with particulates, sauces, and many other foods," Jacob said.

The reduced batch times of the Shaka process is claimed to enable less overall heat degradation of the food, which has an intense effect on quality.

Allpax said that the retorts are compatible with existing batch lines relative to footprint, utilities and operating procedures.

Shaka offers solutions for co-packers that supply all market sector sized companies and major brands looking for market differentiation or new products.