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Amcor Flexibles and Swiss machine manufacturer Rychiger are set to launch the new Amcor Medican, a package designed for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

According to Amcor, the package can protect healthcare products and extends their shelf life by combining the stability of a container with an aluminium shield that works against light, moisture and oxygen.

MediCan is also suitable for inhalers and diagnostic devices as it is manufactured in various shapes and designs. It can incorporate Amcor’s portfolio of anti-counterfeit features N’CRYPT, as well as an integrated desiccant in its lid.

The sealing technology for the package’s lid has been customised to meet the increasing demand for senior-friendly packaging, which makes it easy to open.

Amcor Flexibles Europe and Americas marketing and business development manager Bertrand Jannon said that the company has developed its aluminium container technologyin collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies to make it suitable for the industry’s requirements.

"Our innovative partnership with Rychiger enables us to offer a complete solution and the support of two leading companies on the pharmaceutical market," Jannon added.

MediCan will be presented at the Achema trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, to be held from 18-22 June 2012.

Image: Amcor has teamed up with Rychiger to introduce MediCan for the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Photo: Amcor Limited.