PET packaging firm APPE has collaborated with Oji and Hero to design a new recycled PET (rPET) sustainable fruit drink bottle for Oji.

Oji focuses on sustainability and on environmental and social issues. The rPET bottle supports Oji’s TerraCycle programme, that focuses on eradicating incineration and waste. The new bottle can be recycled and reused, enabling the brand achieve a closed-loop recycling system.

The bottle also provides the preservative-free drinks with a six-month shelf life unrefrigerated, helping to avoid the energy consumption required to keep them chilled.

APPE’s specialist in-house design team created the preform, with the company’s recycling plant in Beaune, France providing the rPET material for the bottles which are then manufactured at APPE Belgium.

The bottles are then supplied to consumer-foods group Hero’s filling operation in The Netherlands.

APPE’s Silvie Willemsen said that the new bottle proves that the company’s rPET material and recycling facilities can enable a brand to meet its closed-loop recycling requirements.

"We are delighted to be working with both Hero and Oji and to be part of its constant drive to be a sustainable brand," Willemsen added.