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Avery Dennison is set to launch a new portfolio of Fasson Wash-off labels suitable for both glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, and provide label converters with a replacement for any existing wet-glue product.

With the wash-off labels, brand owners will be able to reduce the environmental impact of their products by maximising opportunities for material recycling.

According to the US-based company, the labels are also suited for body and/or neck labelling of both light and dark containers, in addition to bottled water in glass and large containers of juices and smoothies in recyclable PET bottles.

The UV-resistant labels, which have been developed for a ‘no-label look’, are designed to improve the brand image of beers and support complex label shapes.

Wash-off labels have a multi-layer construction comprising a polypropylene film that delivers better clarity, a PET liner and a wash-off adhesive formulated for the removal of labels when washed in industrial brewery washers.

Due to their construction and adhesive range, the label’s two film layers expand at different rates in a hot washer, making it curl for easy removal.

Designed to perform well in tropical and hot environments, the labels leave no adhesive residues on the bottle, nor in the washer, and no label marks or ghosting on the bottle too.

They wash off from 65°C, allowing for lower washer temperatures compared to the current average of 80°C.

Fasson Wash-off labels are used in combination with PET bottles, and after use the bottles and their labels are shredded before the resulting mixture is soaked in a hot alkaline solution.

Owing to a variation in density, the label material then separates from the PET chips, and during the recycling process, the washable adhesive stays with the shredded label flakes which allow 100% recycling of the PET material.

Image: The UV-resistant wash-off labels are suited for body and neck labelling of both light and dark containers. Photo: Avery Dennison, PR110