Vichy Catalán Group

Spanish mineral water producer Vichy Catalán has announced the launch of its Vichy Catalán Genuina and Vichy Catalán Limón in new beverage cans for the Iberian drinks market.

The 33cl standard aluminium cans have been produced by beverage can manufacturer Ball Packaging Europe at the company’s plant in La Ciotat, France.

Vichy Catalán, which is targeting young consumers with cosmopolitan and healthy lifestyles in the 16 to 35 age group, is moving in line with the two market trends toward health and convenience, by marketing the traditional brand in modern packaging.

According to Ball Packaging Europe, Vichy Catalán offers a mineral water and lemon flavour variant for consumers who want healthy, natural and convenient refreshment.

Ball Packaging Europe sales manager for Spain, Portugal and Italy, Myriam Galmés, said the unbreakable beverage cans keep their contents cool and fresh for a long time, and they are very light in weight.

"They also have an image as a cool, lifestyle packaging choice, giving traditional brands and products a means of reaching young consumers," Galmés said.

The cans are also suitable for products that are designed to provide refreshment.

Vichy Catalán operations manager Toni Renart said, "Natural mineral water in cans is an ideal fit for our corporate philosophy, which is wholly committed to the health and wellbeing of consumers, as proves the studies made by CSIC (Superior board of scientific investigations) that consumption of natural sparkling mineral water Vichy Catalán reduces blood levels of cholesterol by 15%."

Vichy Catalan produces carbonated natural mineral water and is distributed in 35 other countries on five continents.

Image: Ball supplied 33cl standard aluminium cans to Vichy Catalán. Photo: Ball Corporation.