Wine producer Barokes Wines has entered into a partnership with Daiwa Can Company, a Japanese can producer, in a bid to expand its wine in a can category.

This development follows Daiwa’s purchase of shares in Barokes.

Barokes’ patented Vinsafe wine packaging system and Daiwa’s patented Slim Wine Bottle Can will come together in a bid to make wine in a can more popular worldwide, especially amongst new age wine consumers that seek sustainable packaging, said the Australia-based company.

Lowering the environmental impact of conventional wine packaging has prompted Barokes and Daiwa to adopt the eco-friendly Slim Wine Bottle Can, according to

Barokes CEO Greg Stokes said that they were excited to enter a new phase of the Barokes business with a global partner whose history and mission is embedded in technical innovation.

"Working together Barokes’ globally patented Vinsafe wine packaging system and Daiwa’s Slim Wine Bottle Can patented technology will ensure the continued expansion of the wine in a can category globally, pioneered by Barokes," said Stoke.

Daiwa’s president Hisakazu Yamaguchi said that the collaboration will rev up the growth of its Slim Wine Can Bottle.

"As both companies have innovative technological foundations, we fully expect that working together will produce a wine packaging format that will continue to revolutionise the wine industry," Yamaguchi added.

Barokes is set to launch its new range of wine products in the Slim Wine Can Bottle in the beginning of 2013.