Barrier Plastics, a US producer of Quoral Barrier Resin (BR) Baritainers, is starting production of a new UN-rated 20l jerrican for corrosive and potentially hazardous chemicals.

The FDA-compliant 20l jerrican has a 70mm-wide neck and features a tamper-evident screw cap closure (EPDM gasket) with 3/4 NPT centre reducer, and incorporates 5% Quoral BR50.

According to the company, the jerrican has an engineered bottom seam for increased seal integrity and an enlarged handle area to accommodate large and gloved hands.

Other features include engineered dimpled corners for improved drop performance and a vent feature with an available SP-410 thread.

The 20l Baritainer jerrican is recyclable and has capacity of 5.2 gallons. It comes in standard white, blue or natura colours, or can be customised.

Baritainers serve as a sustainable packaging alternative that avoids the potential failure of fluorinated packaging or lined-steel containers, while reducing the carbon footprint of the product.

Barrier Plastics, a member of the Greener Package Supplier Database, has domestic warehousing in Cerritos and Newark in California, US.