Chemical company BASF has introduced a new polymeric surface sizing agent (PSA) Basoplast 450 P for the packaging market.

The development of the new Basoplast 450 P is the result of the joint effort of research, development and application specialists at BASF on a product for the technology that allows papermakers to improve on sizing costs.

According to the Germany-based company, earlier PSA for the liner segment used cationic polymers, which limited the colouration to certain product ranges.

Basoplast 450 P, which complements BASF’s offer of anionic PSA in the graphical paper market, is suited for linerboard grades.

Paper manufacturers can replace cationic PSA in packaging with Basoplast 450 P and adjust the desired colouration in the surface with direct dyes that are sourced from the company’s new plant in Ankleshwar, India.

The new PSA Basoplast 450 P, which secured food contact approval (BfR XXXVI, FDA 176.170, 176.180), shows no foaming tendency or sensitivity to pH or starch type, and can be used in both, size or film-press.

BASF Paper Chemicals Europe marketing vice president Dr Frank Höfer said the company can launch the product in the market promptly, after having conducted various mill trials throughout Europe.

"With Basoplast® 450 P we offer the first anionic polymeric sizing agent able to compete against cationic polymeric surface sizing agents traditionally used in liner and board," Höfer said.

The paper chemicals division of BASF offers process chemicals to optimise costs and increase machine efficiency, functional chemicals to provide specific properties to paper and finishing chemicals to enhance the appearance and performance characteristics of printed paper and board.