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UK glass packaging manufacturer Beatson Clark will invest £10m in furnace improvements and new equipment at its Rotherham plant and plans a complete reconstruction of its white flint furnace in July 2012.

The company plans to install new automatic inspection equipment, which will improve traceability, and plans to replace the M machines on all lines with servo-driven multi-inspection machine, which inspect the neck of the bottle, wall thickness and ovality of the glass.

Beatson Clark said it has already installed new vision-based inspection equipment with sidewall, base and top stress detection on four lines, and installation on the other four lines will be completed by early next year.

The new equipment can read dot coding, which the company plans to add to all its products to enable additional automated inspection and improve traceability of the products.

Later this year, Beatson Clark will also upgrade its metal detectors across all lines to detect metal in the product, isolate affected products and remove them from the waste products that go for recycling.

Beatson Clark managing director Tony McLoughlin said the company sees growth in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors over the next 12 to 18 months.

Besides improving the production process, the company is also investing in new design technology by updating its computer-aided design (CAD) system to the 3D visualisation software.

"The animation of the 3D visualisation can be turned 360° on the screen, showing customers what the size, shape, colour and embossing details would actually look like, rather than using an outline drawing that takes time to amend and makes it difficult for customers to properly visualise the product," McLoughlin said.


Image: Beatson Clark will replace all its M machines with servo-driven multi-inspection systems. Photo: Shooting Star PR