beer bottle

UK glass packaging manufacturer Beatson Clark is set to unveil a new lightweight beer bottle this month.

The 500ml tapered amber beer bottle weighs just 285g, almost half the amount of the company’s 403g original beer bottle, and is also available in white flint.

Beatson Clark marketing director Lynn Sidebottom said the bottle will have a standard crown neck finish suitable for beers, ales or ciders, and will be interchangeable with an MCA finish for soft drinks.

"As glass is infinitely recyclable and totally inert, it is a healthy and sustainable product that helps to minimise the effect of packaging on the environment," Sidebottom added.

Beatson Clark said clients can create their own customised designs by having company name or logo embossed onto the bottle, using finish moulds.

The bottle dimensions have been kept similar to the style of the previous bottles to help breweries to avoid investment in different change parts for their equipment.

According to the company, the new bottles also aid Beatson Clark to meet its waste reduction and emissions targets by reducing the use of raw materials and energy consumption.

Beatson Clark, which has a turnover of £44m and a production capacity of about 496 million units or 88,000t, provides glass packaging solutions for food, drink and pharmaceutical markets worldwide.

Image: Beatson Clark’s new 500ml lightweight bottle is also available in white flint. Photo: Shooting Star PR