Italian supplier of aseptic form fill seal machines Benco Pack is set to introduce an updated version of its FFS Packline machine, featuring an integrated sleeve applicator (ISA).

According to the company, the new FFS Packline is able to produce thermoformed containers from a roll of multi-layer barrier plastic film in sizes ranging from 250gm to 500gm, using a three-step packaging and filling process.

The tubular ISA shrink-sleeve labels are made of plastic that adhere as a skin onto the walls of the cup through a heat-shrinking process, allowing customised shapes.

The containers are filled with product, closed by a thermo sealed peelable lid, labelled and then cut to the desired configuration.

A suction and air blowing system minimises defects and eliminates excessive vapour in the pre-fixing and shrink-wrapping zone, and a motor trolley is increasing the speed of the process.

The company said, the cam sleever will no longer be inserted into the collection box, which facilitates the cleaning process. A tab sensor reader minimises downtime and allows faster restarts of the machine.

The FFS Packline is pre-sterilised and maintained in sterile conditions using steam and hydrogen peroxide sprays. The packaging materials are sterilised with the process occurring inside a tunnel with an overpressure of sterile air.

Designed for use in the dairy industry, the horizontal aseptic form fill seal machine is available in standard, hygienic and ESL versions.

The machine can also be used to fill isotonic drinks, juices, UHT dairy long life products, puddings and desserts.