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BioMass Packaging, a division of Excellent Packaging, has added a line of compostable can liners to its range of foodservice solutions.

The new EcoSafe bags and can liners are made from compostable plastic and can be used to line any waste receptacle up to 96 gallons, eliminating odours.

According to BioMass, the liners offer good strength puncture resistance, can hold up to 50lbs, and perform well with hot foods, including boiling-hot liquids.

The liners do not break down prematurely and retain their strength and integrity until they reach a compost facility, the company said.

The EcoSafe range is available in a wide range of sizes for foodservice applications. The company said that the can liners are ideal for collection of pre and post-consumer food waste and come with a star-seal bottom that eliminates leaks and breaks.

The liners are compatible with municipal curbside yard waste collection programmes and degrade 10-45 days in commercial compost facilities.

The compostable-certified bags can be used by restaurants, hotels, universities, and other businesses and institutions to dispose of their food and organic waste, safely diverting it from landfills.


Photo: The EcoSafe liners perform well with hot foods, including boiling-hot liquids. Image: BioMass Packaging