UK-based natural plastics manufacturer Biome Bioplastics has developed a new biodegradable coffee pod to address the need of the coffee industry for sustainable packaging options.

The new pod serves as a sustainable packaging alternative in the single-serve market. The bioplastics degrade to prescribed international standards in composting environments.

The pods have been manufactured by the company using compostable materials such as plant starches and tree by-products.

Biome Bioplastics CEO Paul Mines said that single-serve coffee pods are a good example of the fundamental role that packaging plays in delivering quality and convenience in the food service sector.

"The challenge is to cut down environmental impact through packaging optimisation without impacting on food quality or safety, or by avoiding inconvenience caused to the customer," he added.

Biome is also working with manufacturing and brand partners to develop natural polymer-based solutions for the hot drinks industry.

Image: Biome’s new biodegradable coffee pod. Photo: courtesy of Biome Bioplastics.