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German Bosch Packaging Technology has finalised the acquisition of machinery business units of the Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai for an undisclosed amount.

Antitrust authorities have approved the transaction without further restrictions and Bosch will take over the entire share and equity interest of Eisai Machinery.

Bosch Packaging Technology president Friedbert Klefenz said the acquisition further enhances the company’s position in the pharmaceutical industry.

"We will quickly merge our expertise and expand our presence globally," Klefenz said.

The partnership has been formed with Eisai’s pharmaceutical business and its subsidiary Eisai Machinery, which markets Bosch machines in Japan. It will be hereafter referred to as Eisai Machinery.

Bosch signed the agreement with Eisai on 8 February 2012 with the aim to offer a broader product portfolio in the area of inspection technology, from basic inspection solutions to fully automated systems for all commonly used applications on the market.

Eisai Machinery business, which generated sales of around JPY8.6bn (€76m) in 2010, manufactures inspection equipment, pharmaceutical machinery and packaging materials.

The automatic inspection machines can detect particles and identify incorrect filling levels and smallest cracks in glass, enabling quick detection and amendment of production errors.

Eisai Machinery’s inspection technology is used for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals, such as ampoules, syringes, vials and tablets.


Image: Eisai’s acquisition is expected to strenghten Bosch’s position in the pharmaceutical packaging sector. Photo: Bosch Group