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Global technology and services supplier Bosch Packaging Technology has completed its acquisition of German filling and packaging machine specialist Ampack Ammann, for an undisclosed amount.

Bosch signed the contract to purchase Ampack Ammann in July 2012.

Bosch Packaging Technology division president Friedbert Klefenz said that with the acquisition of Ampack Ammann, the company is on track with its strategy of diversification.

"We are acquiring an attractive product portfolio that our worldwide sales and service network will allow us to offer to existing and prospective customers around the world," Klefenz said.

Following the acquisition, the business activities of Ampack Ammann have been assigned to Bosch Packaging Technology’s liquid food business unit with immediate effect.

The company will remain an independent unit and operate as a Bosch subsidiary, and products will continue to be marketed under the Ampack Ammann name.

According to Bosch, the acquisition is expected to enable the company to extend its services in the liquid and paste-like food products packaging sector.

Ampack Ammann, which develops, manufactures and sells filling and packaging machines for paste-like and liquid food, generated average sales of about €35m over the past few years.

The company develops equipment including cup and bottle filling machines as well as dosing systems and peripheral machinery, which are primarily used to fill and package sensitive food such as dairy products, baby food, drinks, and hospital food.

Image: Bosch has acquired German packaging company Ampack Ammann. Photo: Bosch