BrandWatch Technologies has announced that its DNA solution has been adopted by a pharmaceutical company.

The company is now introducing the solution along with its infrared (IR) taggant to provide forensic protection to pharmaceutical packaging.

The US-based brand security and document authentication solutions provider said though BrandWatch solutions can be integrated into the pharmaceutical itself, its DNA solution and taggant is currently integrated into the packaging.

BrandWatch has not revealed the name of its client.

The true deoxyribonucleic acid synthetic DNA has several benefits in anti-counterfeit and diversion applications, when compared to botanical DNA.

By using short strands, the covert DNA signatures can encode more target information that can be retrieved in a standard lab test, which allows for validation of specific aspects of the process such as manufacture date, lot number, production site and contract number.

The DNA system used by BrandWatch can make differentiable DNA taggants and can identify individual DNA codes in a pooled sample of different DNA taggants.

Done at a fraction of the cost of longer botanical DNA, the identification will allow for the periodic introduction of new DNA strands to deter the counterfeiters.

According to the company, the synthetic DNA can only be detected after laboratory preparation.

BrandWatch manufactures the carrier taggant and blends the DNA in-house in Portland, Oregon, US.