Beef labelling

US-based meat manufacturer Cargill has announced plans to introduce more detailed labelling for its ground beef products.

Set to begin before the 2014 grilling season, the labelling will add the declaration ‘Contains Finely Textured Beef’ for relevant fresh, ground beef products.

Cargill’s labelling decision follows the increasing demand of consumers for transparency in how agribusiness companies manufacture the food they consume and the way the packaging reveals the product’s information. The company surveyed around 3,000 consumers over the past 18 months about their views on ground beef.

Cargill Beef president John Keating said: "Our research shows that consumers believe ground beef products containing finely textured beef should be clearly labelled."

The company’s ground beef boxes will be repackaged by retailers for sale to the public. Going forward, Cargill also plans to print the language on the ground beef packages that it sells to consumers directly.

National consumer surveys and focus groups have found that consumers look for transparency and believe that ground beef products containing finely textured beef should be properly labelled to provide them with better choices.

Research also revealed that consumers respond positively to the benefits of finely textured beef, which is 100% pure beef and 95% lean, after learning about the method of its preparation.

Image: Cargill will begin labelling its ground beef products with the declaration ‘Contains Finely Textured Beef.’ Photo: courtesy of Cargill, Incorporated.